Norwich University of the Arts

Guiding new students around the City + Beyond

Going anywhere new, let alone to university for the first time, can be both exciting and a little daunting. But Norwich University of the Arts came to us with the idea of a handy city guide to lessen the intimidating side and bring out the excitement in their students’ first year.

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As it so happens, Norwich is known as the “City of Stories”, and being based here ourselves, we know firsthand just how much it has to offer.

Together with the incredibly talented designers at Ark, we created a beautiful and informative booklet that combines aesthetic appeal with a playful tone to reflect NUA’s modern, creative spirit. The booklet ranges from secret spots and quirky festivals to where to find the best tastes in town. We even threw in a few chapters of our own to help unravel the secrets of this unique and inspiring city.

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Like the most gripping tales, this fine city doesn’t always want to give up its secrets too easily. But, with the help of this guide and a few days exploring, you can go out and make Norwich yours.


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