Go One Better: internal branding

Going one better for our client

Much like Eastpak, Hoseasons have been with us since day one, and be it their inclusive advertising, the way they do business, or their open support for the LGBTQ movement, we love everything about them.

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Two years ago, they came to us for help with defining their brand culture. To gain a little insight into the company, we spent a day interviewing everyone from Hoseasons veterans to their newest hires, and found that everyone shared that inclusive and open attitude.

This is what makes them industry leaders, it’s what allows them to break boundaries, and it’s where the Go One Better strapline came from. Of course, we love hearing it used in conversation, or seeing it in their marketing, even though we were simply articulating what was already there: a culture that had been decades in the making.

Our design team worked on creating beautiful assets which now grace Hoseasons HQ’s walls and desks. But more than that, Go One Better has become part of their vocabulary.

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