Digital content and copywriting for a revolutionary, digital piggy bank

ERNIT is our Danish client who first found fame on Kickstarter as an allowance and savings app for families. In simpler terms, it’s the world’s first smart piggy bank. It makes digital saving visual, tangible, and fun, and most importantly, it helps teach children about money in a cashless society.

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Clear and accessible copy is obviously key for such a product and its target users, and that’s exactly what we delivered. In the lead up to the website launch, we worked closely with the ERNIT team in Copenhagen to write all of their new product and digital content.

Since then, ERNIT has secured several more rounds of funding and won the Best Innovative Customer Solution in the Financial sector in Denmark 2018, the Nordic FinTech Corporate Innovation Award 2018, and were finalists in the Global FinTech Hackcelerator 2017. We’re incredibly happy for them for all their success and can’t wait to see this particular little piggy continue to go far in the digital marketplace.

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