Once upon a team..,


Around our writing tables we gather people with passions as broad as the worlds we create. We are novelists, painters, videographers, podcasters, and even fire-eaters and our professional and creative expertise spans creative, technical, commercial and corporate worlds. Our lives are varied, our backgrounds vast and we’ve come together because we love words – what they can do, what we can do with them and the worlds we can create when we put them together just right.

We love words because they help tell the story about a business, a culture, ourselves. Words are magic. They can summon, enchant and invite. They can whip us into a frenzy, make our skin tingle. They arouse, surprise and delight, and provide a guide to find what and who we’re looking for.

Words are important. They are the difference between meaningful connections and fleeting interactions. They are the bridge between ideas, beliefs and customs. They are the surest way we can tell people who we are, what we do and what we care about. Words are the reason brands, campaigns and businesses leave a lasting impression. They are the reason people stay.

So, hello. We are GrafikLanguage, and we write world-building words.

Meet the people behind the words

Kelly Smith

Creative Director

Kelly’s copywriting career spans twelve years, crafting tone of voice and brand campaigns for the likes of Carlsberg, Virgin, Eastpak, MINI, and even MI6, besides freelancing for global creative agencies like AKQA and McCann. With a BA (Hons) English and Master of Arts from the University of Cambridge, and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, she’s also taught creative writing at her alma mater, Lucy Cavendish College.

Today, she’s a keen martial artist, working towards her black belt in Kung Fu, and has recently completed her debut novel – represented by C+W Literary Agency, London.

Ren Fickling

Managing Director

Ren’s practice puts the spotlight on the strength of empathy and is primarily concerned with emotion-driven strategies over rational decision making in business. By exploring beyond the superficial, Ren asks not only ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ – but ‘who cares?’. Their discerning approach to brand and content strategy prepares our clients to understand and leverage the true value in their business and achieve measurable success.

Kiefer Tonkin-Caudery

Lead Writer & Account Manager

A Cornishman abroad, Kiefer joined the team in Norwich after successfully completing an experimental six-month remote internship from his home in Brighton. His natural talent for the written word, plus his dedication and enthusiasm meant we snapped him up and offered him a full-time role here in Norwich. 

Before starting a career as a copywriter, Kiefer studied Journalism and Film, and worked as a barman, builder, salesman, sushi chef, and passed RAF Officer testing. Today, he works across a wide range of our client accounts, writing for digital and print, and brings his creative flair to brand concepts. As Lead Writer and Head of Content for our client, Original Cottages, he writes across all of their comms and campaigns. But this geeky gamer is all about the outdoors too – snowboarding and surfing across Europe, and running across Norfolk. 

Amanda Fearn

Senior Writer & Researcher

Amanda grew up with Kelly in the same Cornish town. Their love of writing began sitting beside each other in English class, and they’ve worked together, in some capacity or other for over 20 years. With a First in English with Media from Falmouth University, Amanda is a seasoned copywriter with a knack for appealing to the senses in whatever she pens. Her words can be found in many of our client brand campaigns, and she’s the go-to expert on Eastpak and Hoseasons.

An avid researcher, Amanda also writes white papers, thought-leadership articles, and expert healthcare guides. She’s a Trustee for The Silent Bleed, the Superficial Siderosis Charity, and is currently writing her first novel about love, loss, and peaches in the Dordogne countryside.

Daisy Bourne


From a family of artists, Daisy cultivated a head for heights by working in theatre for six years from the age of fifteen, specialising in lighting design before joining the circus and scaling the dizzying heights of the big top. A background steeped in art and writing lends Daisy’s work a unique combination of narrative, artistic composition, musicality, and humour.

Based in Norwich and Cambridge, Daisy has travelled all over the UK to train with some of the most highly-skilled circus artists in the business in order to constantly develop her skills. She’s a fire-eating, hoop-spinning, aerial-flying, copywriting tour de force. After completing her MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia in 2013, Daisy is currently working on a novel on the birth of circus in eighteenth-century England.


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